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What is Resterland?

Like the maiden to the child, we came to our trading business in Bali.

After living there for about an year, a friend of my wife asked us if we would be interested in importing coconut milk powder from Malaysia and offering it to customers on Bali island. We got a few samples sent to the purchasing managers of selected supermarkets and star ranked hotels.

Only then did we notice it; we do not have a business name yet! I twisted my brains for a whole day, brainstorming with my wife. Nothing that would have appeal to us!

Since I have taken our two forenames, dissected them and reassembled in different variants. From Roland and Ester, finally, the unique and all-serving name Resterland has emerged.

Over the years, our business has become more and more specialized in electrical accessories such as switches, plugs, sockets, cables and much more other stuff from the electrical supply industry.

As a "Toko Listrik" (electric goods store) in Bali, the name Resterland no longer exists. However, our established business has been taken over in the year 2006 and successfully run by Abi, my brother-in-law, and his family, since.