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Website Development

since 1998

For 30 years I have been creating my own websites.

I taught myself the hypertext markup language. The compendium SELFHTML by Stefan Münz was my reference book. Since his departure in 2005, I have had to orient myself otherwise.

with TYPO3

Content Management System (CMS)

At first I programmed everything myself. I cobbled together my own tiny content management system (CMS) with PHP, MySQL and an Apache server running on a local Linux (Ubuntu) box.

Only after my projects became more and more confusing, I searched for standardized solutions. As a follower of the OpenSource-movement I came across Joomla, Drupal and TYPO3 as possible candidates. Of course, I also stumbled across WordPress.

WordPress is great for blogging.

After a few tries with the CMS mentioned above, I felt most comfortable with TYPO3. Compared to the others, however, the learning curve is relatively flat.

The first TYPO3 based website I published in 2005. As soon as I got into version 3.8, they already published the next version. At that time I adapted my web pages after every sprint release.

Nowadays I only work with Long Term Support (LTS) versions. Currently this is version 10.04.

Professional Web Presence

starts at CHF 1'000

Since I work with Open Source applications, the license fees are eliminated.

As an example of a simple yet professional website, you can take this project.

If interested, please send a mail to ResterLand WebAtelier.